Stacey Whale

Internationally recognized for her unique style and innovative design, Stacey's contemporary fine jewellery is superbly handcrafted in gold and exquisitely set with a variety of colourful gemstones. Her timeless classic modern style is sophisticated, beautiful and original, with designs that are at the leading-edge of fine jewellery design.

Ethical Integrity

Believing in ethical integrity Stacey proudly supports fair trade and conflict free initiatives and offers her clients responsibly mined New Zealand gold, and transparently sourced gemstones from around the globe. Stacey invites bespoke commissions that embrace this ethos and hopes that by creating a beautiful piece of jewellery together made with a conscience, will empower us with the knowledge, that any decision made today, directly effects the existence and quality of another person’s life and our environment.

Award Winning Jewellery

Stacey's exceptional jewellery design attracts worldwide attention and has won craftsmanship and design awards, including technological innovation and fine jewellery design. Her unique style, one in particular is the use of precious lenses that employs her original technique of setting loose gems under a magnifying lens creating the illusion that they are suspended or floating in liquid. In other designs, her delicate lace-like settings allow the light to reveal the true colour and beauty of the gemstones she chooses. Rather than use traditional claw settings, Stacey has also devised a way of casting gold inspired by the natural forms of native New Zealand flower pods.


As an artist designer, Stacey takes her inspiration from a broad range of natural forms and architecture and is especially interested in organic shapes, structures and textures at the microscopic scale. Bought up around textiles and studying textile design after leaving school, Stacey combines all of these diverse inspirations to create original pieces of wearable art. Each piece of jewellery is created to the highest level of craftsmanship, using the finest quality materials.