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Hello, I am Stacey Whale, a fine jewellery artisan working in my jewellery studio in Nelson, New Zealand. For the past 10 years I have been raising my two beautiful boys Tyler and Levi and I am super thrilled to be back at the jewellery bench creating again. During the previous 10 years before raising my boys, I was creating beautiful jewellery pieces in my studio in London. Designing and creating jewellery is my passion and I leap out of bed every morning, eager for the day to begin. Every creation has it's own story, is hand crafted by me and has a special place in my heart. I hope my passion, love and energy shines through every piece, connecting with, up lifting and delighting the wearer forever.


award winning


Stacey's exceptional jewellery design attracts worldwide attention and has won craftsmanship and design awards, including technological innovation and fine jewellery design. Her unique style, one in particular is the use of precious lenses that employs her original technique of setting loose gems under a sapphire magnifying lens creating the illusion that they are suspended or floating in liquid. In other designs, her delicate lace-like settings allow the light to reveal the true colour and beauty of the gemstones she chooses. Rather than use traditional claw settings, Stacey has also devised a way of casting gold inspired by the natural forms of native New Zealand flower pods.


jewellery awards


UK Jewellery Awards 2008

Finalist for Jewellery 'Designer of the Year'.

Goldsmiths Company 2007

Goldsmiths Fair September 2007

Runner up for the best new merchandise.

Gold Award - Technological Innovation 2007

Submissions should demonstrate fresh ground breaking ideas & processes.

Prototype Production Jewellery - Commended 2007

Criteria was to produce finished jewellery which utilises to the best effect one or many of the mass production techniques in the industry.

ethical integrity


Believing in ethical integrity I proudly support fair trade and conflict free initiatives and offer my clients responsibly mined New Zealand gold, and transparently sourced gemstones from around the globe. My business practice is one of being honest and that shows strong moral and ethical principles and values. I avidly invite commissions that embrace this ethos; and I believe that creating a beautiful piece of jewellery together, made with a conscience, will empower one with the understanding, that all decisions made today directly effects the existence and quality of another person’s life and our environment.

Stacey Whale Contemporry Art Jewellery G

artist designer


As an artist designer, I take my inspiration from a broad range of natural forms and architecture and I am especially interested in organic shapes, structures and textures at the microscopic scale. I was bought up around pottery and textiles and I briefly studied textile design after leaving school. I combine all of these diverse inspirations including my love of fine art and the craft movements, to create original pieces of miniature wearable art. Each piece of jewellery is created to the highest level of artisanship, using the finest quality materials.

Born in Wellington, New Zealand, I studied Art and Craft Design at Whitireia, then went on my OE, basing myself in London from 2001-2010. It was there that I experienced the first chapter of my exciting jewellery career during the years.