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a conscious choice


The Candescent Project commissioned Stacey to produce jewellery using gold sourced from Oro Verde in Colombia and fairly traded gemstones with funding from Cordaid & CAFOD. The two jewellery pieces that she designed were featured in an exhibition called 'Green Gold'. As the name suggests the gold is mined without the use of chemicals and the working practices of the small-scale mines are fair and environmentally friendly. Stacey was also sponsored to visit Colombia to assist with the design development and research process of the jewellery for the exhibition which was held at the Art Workers Guild, Bloomsbury, London, during Coutts London Jewellery Week in June 2009.

A Conscious Choice jewellery collection is the continuation of these jewellery designs and additional pieces are currently been developed for this collection. Stacey supports fair-trade and responsible mining initiatives and avidly invites commissions that support this ethos.

Click here for more info about In Search of Green Gold.

encapsulated raindrop


Encapsulated Raindrop Collection is inspired by redwood bark which has been enlarged thousands of times under a microscope. These delicate lace like settings allow light to reveal the true colour and beauty of the gemstones set within. This setting was designed to encapsulate a spherical gemstone, specifically a pearl to avoid drilling such a beautiful and precious object. Encapsulated Raindrop rings can be worn separately, stacked together with each other or combined with Natural Instinct rings. 

atomic beauty


Atomic Beauty is a  fusion of two of Stacey Whale's jewellery collections 'Encapsulated Raindrop' and 'Natural Instinct'. This collection is always evolving and can consist of stacking rings, or when components of both collections are fused together to make up a beautiful piece of jewellery. Jewellery pieces can feature many combinations of stunning precious and semi-precious gemstones including pairing up blue sapphires with blue topaz, pink tourmalines with pink quartz, black diamonds with labradorite, enhanced blue diamonds, with black moonstone. Inspiration and combinations are endless, so if you would like to be alerted when new creations are born subscribe to my news