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Jewellery Collections

Worn today, worn tomorrow & cherished forever

Conscious Choice


The Candescent Project UK commissioned Stacey to create jewellery using gold sourced from Oro Verde in Colombia and fairly traded gemstones, with funding from Cordaid & CAFOD. Her two jewellery pieces were prominently featured in the exhibition named 'Green Gold'. True to its name, the gold used in the pieces is mined without the use of harmful chemicals, and the working practices of the small-scale mines adhere to fair and environmentally friendly standards. As part of her involvement in the project, Stacey was sponsored to visit Colombia, where she drew inspiration that significantly contributed to the design development for the jewellery exhibition. The exhibition took place at the Art Workers Guild, Bloomsbury, London, during Coutts London Jewellery Week in June 2009.

Continuing her dedication to responsible and ethical practices, 'Conscious Choice' jewellery collection builds upon these designs, with additional pieces currently in development. Stacey wholeheartedly supports fair-trade and responsible mining initiatives and passionately welcomes commissions that align with this ethos.

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Click here for more about In Search of Green Gold Project.

Encapsulated Raindrop


The 'Encapsulated Raindrop Collection' draws its inspiration from the intricacies of redwood bark magnified thousands of times under a microscope, exuding an art deco elegance. The collection showcases delicate lace-like settings that skillfully harness the power of light to unveil the true colors and inherent beauty of the gemstones nestled within. The design was thoughtfully crafted to encase spherical gemstones, with a particular focus on pearls, eliminating the need for drilling and preserving the natural splendor of these precious objects.

The versatility of the Encapsulated Raindrop rings allows wearers to adorn them individually, stack them with their counterparts, or combine them with rings from the 'Natural Instinct' collection. To stay updated with the latest designs and offerings, interested individuals are encouraged to subscribe to our news. This way, they can easily keep track of the availability of upcoming designs and additions to the captivating collection.

Natural Instinct


The 'Natural Instinct Collection' draws its inspiration from the hidden beauty that often goes unnoticed, despite being right in front of our eyes. Native New Zealand flower pods were the inspiration to create this unique collection. The exquisite floral organic structure has been chosen to replace the traditional claw setting, infusing a touch of natural elegance into every design.

Natural Instinct rings offer the flexibility to be worn individually, stacked together, or combined harmoniously with 'Encapsulated Raindrop' rings, allowing for a personalised and versatile style. Customised ring sizes and a wide array of precious metals and gemstones are available to perfectly complement your preferences.

As a testament to Stacey's dedication, she is currently in the process of developing and refining this jewellery collection, which will be presented for the first time at the prestigious XIV Florence Biennale in 2023. To stay informed about the latest designs and developments, make sure to subscribe to our news.

Atomic Beauty


Atomic Beauty represents the harmonious fusion of two distinctive jewelry collections, namely, 'Encapsulated Raindrop' and 'Natural Instinct', both curated by Stacey Whale. This collection remains in a perpetual state of evolution, offering an array of options, such as stacking rings or unique combinations of elements from both collections, resulting in exquisite pieces of jewelry. Within this collection, jewelry enthusiasts can discover a plethora of captivating compositions, showcasing stunning combinations of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Some alluring pairings include blue sapphires with blue topaz, pink tourmalines with pink quartz, black diamonds with labradorite, and enhanced blue diamonds with black moonstone.

The inspiration for new combinations is boundless, providing an endless stream of possibilities. For those eager to stay informed about the birth of these new creations, subscribing to our news will ensure timely alerts and updates.

Cultures Unite


The 'Cultures Unite' ring designs were inspired by a simple spiral motif, skillfully repeated, mirrored, and arranged in various captivating ways. Drawing from the Maori culture, the designer delved into spirals' significance across different cultures and found that it held universal appeal. The concept behind the rings reflects a belief in the spiral as a symbolic common thread that weaves and unifies diverse cultures.

The designer purposefully created these rings to be suitable for both men and women, ensuring their versatility. Crafted from a selection of precious metals, the rings exude a sense of timeless elegance. Currently, the designer is passionately working on developing finer and narrower versions of the rings, employing cutting-edge, state-of-the-art jewelry manufacturing techniques. The process of pushing the boundaries of design possibilities brings excitement, delight, and inspiration to the designer.

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Stacey's multi-award winning Illusion Collection is an extraordinary and unique collection that was judged by some of the top industry professionals in the UK jewellery industry. It won the gold award at the UK Goldsmiths Craftsmanship & Design Awards for technological innovation, prototyping, fine jewellery and received a scholarship from the Gemmological Association of Great Britian. This collection is popular amonst those with a fine discerning eye and is truely original and special. This collection features moving gemstones set under a magnifying lense giving the illusion that they are floating or suspended in liquid.  This is a high end jewellery collection and is created in precious gold or platinum.

This collection is currently on hold, so please subscribe to our news if you would like to be in the loop as to when she is making this exciting collection again.

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