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In Search of Green Gold - History Archive

I have a beautiful jewellery collection called ‘A Conscious Choice' and here is the history behind it:

One of the shows that I was fortunate to be part of in London before heading back to NZ was an exhibition called: IN SEARCH OF GREEN GOLD - The search for a beautiful, ethical piece of jewellery. The Candescent Project sponsored me to visit Colombia in South America to assist with the development and research process of the jewellery for the exhibition. They also commissioned me to create jewellery pieces for the Green Gold exhibition, which was held during Coutts London Jewellery Week in 2009, using the ethical gold that was sourced from the Oro Verde gold mine in Columbia and the beautiful fair trade gemstones that were gifted to the project by Columbia Gem House Inc.

For the full story about this project, please visit this weblink: Keep scrolling down the blog, or start at April and you can read through the story of the 'Green Gold' project from the start to finish. Its a very interesting story!


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