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Daisy Chain Stud Earrings

Who doesn't adore daisies? Treat yourself to the captivating charm of daisies with our lovely daisy stud earrings. Daisies, a timeless symbol of beauty and purity and is often regarded as the sacred flower for the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility - symbolising childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings. Personally, I have a special affinity for daisies; my wedding dress was made in white daisy guipure lace, and my chains feature a daisy at the clasp.



  • Precious Metal: Sterling silver
  • Dimensions: Daisy diameter 5mm x 2.4mm thick
  • Earrings come complete with butterflys/scrolls

1 x sterling silver daisy chain stud earrings


If these earrings are currently not in stock, we can create it to order. Please allow a crafting time of 3 weeks. If you need them sooner, please enquire; we will certainly explore the possibility of meeting your deadline.

Daisy Chain Stud Earrings

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