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Encapsulated Raindrop Tahitian Pearl Ring


Encapsulated Raindrop Tahitian Pearl Ring


This stunning Encapsulated Raindrop lace-like stone setting, inspired by redwood bark, allows light to reveal the true colour and beauty of the Tahitian Pearl set inside.

Beautiful Encapsulated Raindrop rings can be worn individually, stacked together or stacked with Natural Instinct rings.​

All rings are sold seperately.

Precious Metal: 18ct Yellow gold
Gemstone: Approximately 10mm - Tahitian Pearl
Stone Setting Diameter: 11mm
Band: 2mm round wire

(Because each ring is made individually and every pearl is unique, there might be slight color differences to the pearl shown in the images).

Encapsulated Raindrop Pearl Rings can be made to order with a choice of 10mm, 8mm, or 6mm pearls in various colours.

In this photo, stacked together, is the Encapsulated Raindrop 10mm Tahitian Pearl Ring ($3200) and the Encapsulated Raindrop 6mm White Fresh Water Pearl Ring ($2195)

Terms & Conditions:
All jewellery is sold in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, which must be read before purchase. The link is below in the footer.

Care Instructions:
To ensure the lasting beauty of your Elegant Encapsulated Raindrop Pearl Ring, please refer to the care instructions in the Terms and Conditions.

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