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Encapsulated Raindrop Twin Topaz Pendant

This beautiful Encapsulated Raindrop twin drop pendant, with its delicate lace-like stone settings, draws inspiration from the intricate patterns found in magnified redwood bark. This unique setting enables light to illuminate the true color and beauty of the gemstone spheres nestled within.

Stacey's Encapsulated Raindrop collection offers versatility, providing a selection of gemstones in both faceted and smooth variations, and lustrous pearls. The collection also includes a range of precious metal options for your preferences.



  • Precious Metal: Sterling silver
  • Gemstone diameter: 6mm gemstone spheres
  • Stone setting diameter: 7mm
  • Chain: 17" sterling silver cable chain.​​​
  • Available in various precious metal and gemstone options
  • Match earrings can be made to order upon request


If this necklace is currently not in stock, or if your preferred choice of precious metal or gemstone is unavailable, we can create it to order. Please allow a crafting time of 3 weeks and 6 weeks if unique gemstones need to be cut. If you need it sooner, please enquire; we will certainly explore the possibility of meeting your deadline.

Encapsulated Raindrop Twin Topaz Pendant

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