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Conscious Choice Sapphire Ring

This exquisite, organic lattice ring draws inspiration from the graceful, intricate drape of tree moss encountered by Stacey during her visit to Columbia. Initially conceptualised for a commissioned jewellery project, this interwoven pattern was featured in two stunning pieces – a bracelet and a ring – showcased at the 'Green Gold' exhibition during London Jewellery Week. The exhibition aimed to spotlight responsibly mined, ethical gold, and fair-trade initiatives.

The ring is crafted in 9ct yellow gold, embellished with a captivating ensemble of 14 summer-hued sapphires and rubies and it's also available in 18ct yellow gold.


  • Precious Metal: 9ct yellow gold
  • Ring Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Ring Width: Approximately 12.5mm
  • Gemstones: 14 x 2mm fancy-colored sapphires & rubies


This beautiful ring is made to order. Please allow a crafting time of 8 weeks. If you require it sooner, please enquire; we will certainly explore the possibility of meeting your deadline.

Conscious Choice Sapphire Ring

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