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Cultures Unite 'Solidarity' Ring

Our Cultures Unite series emerges from a fusion of cultures, born out of a reinterpretation and repetition of a spiral motif. While reminiscent of Maori koru (spiral) designs, extensive research reveals its presence across various ancient and indigenous cultures. Indeed, the spiral stands as one of the most ancient geometric forms.


These unisex rings are meticulously crafted to fit your finger. If the chunkiness or thickness of the ring in the photo doesn't align with your preference, worry not - we can customise the width and thickness to your liking.


  • Ring Design Name: Solidarity
  • Precious Metal: sterling silver
  • Small Ring: width 11.2mm x thickness 1.2mm, British ring size: (17.8mm inside diameter)
  • Large Ring: width 12.4mm x thickness 1.4mm (18mm), British ring size: (19.5mm inside diameter)
  • All rings are sold seperately
  • Please Note: Your ring size will be confirmed upon receiving your order


1 x sterling silver small, British ring size O1/2 (17.8mm inside diameter)
1 x sterling silver large, British ring size T (19.5mm inside diameter)


If these rings are currently not in stock, or if you prefer another precious metal, we can create it to order. Prices will vary based on your ring size and choice of precious metal. Please allow a crafting time of 3 weeks. If you need it sooner, please enquire; we will certainly explore the possibility of meeting your deadline.

Cultures Unite 'Solidarity' Ring

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